Leading successful turnarounds

May 2014  |  COVER STORY

Executives and managers caught up in dealing with future strategy and everyday crises can be oblivious to major dangers until it is too late. It can happen to any firm. The first step toward turning around a failing company is to admit…

Consolidation likely in the European telecoms sector

May 2014  |  FEATURE

In recent years the global telecommunications sector has become increasingly competitive. The advent and proliferation of transformative technologies including high speed LTE 4G networks, fibre optic broadband and cloud computing, will only further this trend in the years to come…

Chinese outbound M&A

May 2014  |  FEATURE

On a global scale, M&A activity has remained listless in recent years. Although blockbuster deals have been announced periodically, global M&A activity is still relatively depressed overall. This is particularly evident in comparison with the boom years of the pre-financial crisis era…

Private equity in Africa

May 2014  |  FEATURE

Since the financial crisis hit in 2007 the world’s emerging markets have stepped out of the shadows and made their claim as the totems for the next phase of global economic development. Nowhere has this been more evident than in Africa…

Data protection and privacy laws

May 2014  |  ROUNDTABLE

Today’s firms are beginning to understand the critical differences and overlaps between cyber security and data privacy. While the attacks that get the most press involve compromised consumer data, those that steal confidential information or simply take down a system are equally important...

Operating an effective board


Continued pressure from regulators and shareholders is leading corporate boards to scrutinise and strengthen governance roles and responsibilities. Today’s boards are in the spotlight, and must deliver in the area of strategy and company performance while steering the firm away from emerging risks and crises...

Overview of the M&A market in Brazil and trends for 2014


Despite Brazil’s economic slowdown, M&A activity continued at a reasonable pace in 2013. The number of mergers and acquisitions remained high, in line with activity over the past three years. According to a report from PwC, 811 transactions were announced…

Reacting to whistleblower claims


In 2013, the UK Treasury Select Committee asked the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to consider the benefits of introducing a whistleblower program in the UK. The move, in part influenced by the recent LIBOR rate scandal, may also be due to the…

Implications of the AIFMD for non-EU fund managers

April 2014  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on the implications of the AIFMD for non-EU fund managers between Fiona Le Poidevin at Guernsey Finance, Barry Breen at Katten Muchin Rosenman UK LLP and Ignatius Fogarty at Preqin.

Valuations and fairness opinions for ESOPs

April 2014  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on valuations and fairness opinions for ESOPs between Jeffrey S. Buettner at Butcher Joseph Hayes and Kenneth E. Serwinski at Prairie Capital Advisers, Inc.

Shale gas in the UK

March 2014  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion focussing on shale gas in the UK between Elizabeth Shepherd at Eversheds, Robert Hodges at EY and Nick Grealy at No Hot Air.

M&A in the energy & utilities sector

March 2014  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion examining M&A in the energy & utilities sector between Colette Lewiner at Capgemini, Todd Giardinelli at Morgan Stanley and Allen C. Barron at Ralph E. Davis Associates, Inc.

Impact of the Mexican oil and gas bill

February 2013  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks with Juan Carlos Serra, a partner at Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C., about the Mexican oil and gas bill.

Outlook for life settlements in 2014

December 2013  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks with Corwin Zass at Actuarial Risk Management, Ltd about the outlook for life settlements in 2014.

Tax reform in Mexico

October 2013  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks with Alejandro Barrera at Basham Ringe & Correa about tax reform in Mexico.

Trade credit insurance in the current market

August 2013  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks with Vladimir Lapshin at Aon Rus insurance brokers about trade credit insurance.

Warranty & Indemnity insurance – allowing private equity to boost IRR

May 2014  |   PRIVATE EQUITY

Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance has been used for private M&A transactions since the 1990s to overcome specific deal hurdles. It is only more recently that W&I insurance is being used as a ‘deal tool’, allowing the parties an alternative approach. A growing...

No contest settlements, with a twist

May 2014  |  BANKING & FINANCE

On 11 March 2014, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced new enforcement initiatives, including a new program for no-contest settlements, whereby the “facts are declared by Staff to be true based on its investigation and which are not denied by the...

How to think about market manipulation

May 2014  |   BANKING & FINANCE

The phrase ‘market manipulation’ is part of the daily news cycle, reported across a growing list of commodity and financial markets. Unfortunately, a universal understanding of manipulative behaviour does not currently underlie the allegations. The patchwork of...

The TPP and patent rights in Mexico


Negotiations for a new Free Trade Agreement (FTA) among some economies in the Pacific Rim are on the way. Countries taking part in the talks include the US, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam, New Zealand and Brunei...

Tax as a means to control Mexico’s health sector

April 2014  |   SECTOR ANALYSIS

Over the last several years, the Mexican government has paid special attention to certain human health matters, resulting in much stricter regulation of most products intended for human consumption, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, dietary supplements...

Proposed expansion of the covered business method review program


In recent years, the United States Congress has enacted legislation to curb abuses by patent-assertion entities (or patent trolls). Some believe that Congress has not gone far enough. But a proposed provision regarding business-method patents...

Shareholder arbitration: a comparison of American and Brazilian systems


The United States and Brazil have very different systems governing shareholder arbitration. The systems are so distant from each other that a comparative analysis should help reveal advantages and risks to be mutually considered...

False advertising challenges in the US: a potential alternative to courtroom litigation 


Advertisers want a level playing field on which they can compete. Businesses that advertise in the United States are frequently troubled by the advertising practices of their competitors. These responsible businesses know that their competitors have crossed the...

From the Archives

A selection of past content chosen by our editors

Q&A: Managing pension liabilities in bankruptcy situations


FW speaks with Richard Farr at BDO LLP, Linc Rogers at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, James H.M. Sprayregen at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, and Richard Jones at Punter Southall, about managing pension liabilities in bankruptcy situations.

Decoding the formula for success in corporate M&A


In the heyday of M&A in the 2000s, serial acquirers began to have a certain swagger to their gait. They had helped turn M&A from an art into a science and raised the discipline to a formal one within corporations. Those leading multiple M&A transactions were making...

Corporate fraud

November 2013  |  FRAUD & CORRUPTION

Despite the best efforts of regulators and enforcement agencies, corporate fraud continues to flourish. In recent years, business and financial institutions have become acutely aware of the risk, particularly as a renewed focus on whistleblowing has expanded the toolset of...

The value of data assets in a US M&A deal: three key questions to ask


Data is a valuable asset in the information economy. Companies have only recently begun to unlock that value to capitalise on some of the biggest opportunities in the marketplace today, including cloud computing, big data and analytics, social networking, globalisation and ecommerce...

Developments in the real estate sector

January 2014  |  SECTOR ANALYSIS

Having emerged from the global recession and its aftermath, the real estate sector showed signs of recovery in 2013 and is expected to build on this momentum in the year ahead. The sector’s low-gear recovery has been boosted by a number of key trends. Private equity has shown...

Cyber security

January 2014  |  RISK MANAGEMENT

Reliance on information technology exposes companies to numerous risks, and all firms are vulnerable to the threat of cyber crime. In recent years, sophisticated targeted attacks such as spear fishing, social engineering and advanced persistent threats have become more widespread...

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