Is the Moore’s Law era finally at an end?

October 2016  |  COVER STORY

Moore’s Law – that long-held golden rule of the electronics industry which states that “the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years” – has been driving development within the...

Future of cross-border M&A

October 2016  |  FEATURE

Mergers and acquisitions activity has been riding the crest of a wave for the last two years or so; a number of factors combined to help lift M&A numbers out of the post financial crisis doldrums. Shareholder activism has been on the...

PE deal flow rebounds in Q2 2016

October 2016  |  FEATURE

As rebounds go, the escalation in global private equity (PE) deal flow in Q2 2016 compared to its immediate predecessor – a 77 percent increase in deal activity no less – is an impressive spectacle indeed. Christopher Elvin...

Bridging the cyber security skills gap

October 2016  |  FEATURE

As cyber criminals and cyber terrorists become more resolute and sophisticated in their techniques, companies and regulators continue to bolster cyber protection. In recent years, many high profile organisations...

Resolving patent disputes

October 2016| ROUNDTABLE

Resolving patent disputes is not for the fainthearted. In the ultra-competitive world of innovation, there is always the possibility that an allegation of patent infringement will be made – a disagreement that may propel those in dispute...

International dispute resolution

October 2016 |  SPECIAL REPORT

Any entity involved in business – stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, customers, trade unions, civil society groups and shareholders, for example – that happens to find itself at the sharp end of a dispute is potentially facing a...

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book: is institution-specific compliance activity viable?


Financial institutions are increasingly leveraging shared services, from enabling Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance to post-trade reference data management, in order to reduce both cost and compliance resources. And, as...

Trends in Chinese investment in the international M&A market

October 2016  |  SPOTLIGHT

On 27 May 2016, one of the world’s leading construction equipment manufacturers, Zoomlion Group, announced that the company had decided to terminate negotiations of its proposed acquisition of Terex. The value of the discontinued...

Investing in India

September 2016|  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on investing in India between Hiten Kotak, Ganesh Raju and Ashutosh Chaturvedi at PwC India.

Operational and financial restructuring in the energy & natural resources sector

September 2016|  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on operational and financial restructuring in the energy & natural resources sector between Bruce J. Ruzinsky, a partner at Jackson Walker LLP, Gregory M. Gordon, a partner at Jones Day, Trey A. Monsour, a partner at K&L Gates LLP, George R. Ward, co-head and managing director at PJSC Energy Advisory Group, and Christopher M. Dressel, an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP.

Pension challenges in bankruptcy and restructuring processes

August 2016 |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on pension challenges in bankruptcy and restructuring processes between Gary P. Squires at AlixPartners, Stephen E. Hessler at Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Camilla Barry at Macfarlanes LLP.

Adoption of patent box in Europe

August 2016 |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on the adoption of patent box in Europe between Alessandro Lualdi, Aldo Castoldi and Luca Bosco at Studio Tributario e Societario – STS Deloitte.

Intellectual property portfolio management

August 2016|  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to Nicola Baker-Munton at Stratagem IPM about intellectual property portfolio management.

Developments in leveraged financing

June 2016|  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to Neil Caddy at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy about developments in leveraged financing.

Complying with California’s Fair Pay Act

May 2016  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to Rebecca Torrey at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips about compliance with California’s Fair Pay Act.

Outlook for energy in emerging markets following the Paris Agreement

February 2016  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to Jonathan D. Cahn at Dentons about the outlook for energy in emerging markets following the Paris Agreement.

Option agreements in private equity transactions in Italy

October 2016|  PRIVATE EQUITY

Put option agreements normally play a significant role in private equity transactions. In Italy, foreign investment funds frequently invest in companies and receive, as guarantee of their investment, put options at a fixed price, allowing them to put...

A Mexican approach to Latin American investment opportunities


The commercial exchange between Latin American countries and the United States and Europe is dominated by exporting raw materials and importing finished products. This and other weaknesses translate into volatility. The subprime mortgage...

Regulatory shockwaves threaten Silicon Valley – when private investments become public problems


According to its website, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has three fundamental goals. The first, protecting investors, is achieved by regulating the flow of accurate and complete investment information disclosure. The second...

Brazilian courts approve doctrine for examination of trademark conflicts


In most jurisdictions, the ‘likelihood of confusion’ is one of the requirements for the finding of trademark infringement. But which factors should be analysed in order to determine whether or not there is ‘likelihood of confusion’ between two...

Third-party litigation funding in insolvency


Third-party litigation funding – the funding of a claim by a third party in exchange for a share of the damages – is making significant in-roads in both domestic and international litigation. It is also increasingly used by insolvency practitioners (IPs)...

Brexit: Has it created a unique opportunity for alternative finance providers?

September 2016|  BANKING & FINANCE

The UK referendum result has caused uncertainty in the financial services industry, but could this be a time of opportunity for alternative capital providers? Alternative capital providers are generally non-bank lenders or intermediaries...

Director disputes: removing a director or chairman from the board


Disputes between directors can be difficult to manage, particularly where the director in question is a shareholder. Businesses work because of the relationships between individuals, and when these relationships break down, problems can arise...

Building wealth from your intellectual property assets


You run a business – you are embroiled in the day to day activities: leads, sales, even staff; do you have time to consider the hidden gem – your intellectual property (IP)? Your IP could be as valuable as your plant, premises or stock...

In compliance investigations, companies find that e-discovery technology delivers results and savings

May 2016|  COMPANY LAW

No matter what steps a corporation takes to ensure legal compliance by its officers and employees, there is no fail-safe. Violations of anti-corruption laws and other regulatory schemes can still occur. When they do...

The evolving standard in the US for injunctions in patent cases


In the US, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit hears appeals in patent cases. Four Federal Circuit decisions in two patent cases involving smart phones and tablet computers that Apple filed against Samsung...

Effective board governance: the healthy tension between management and the board


In this age of heightened risk, the need for effective governance has caused a dynamic shift in the role of the board of directors. Cyber security, rapid technological growth and a number of corporate scandals resulting from the financial...

Supreme Court to review barriers for wilful infringement


On 19 October 2015, in a somewhat surprising move, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in two cases to review the standard for enhanced damages for wilful infringement under 35 U.S.C. § 284. The two cases...


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