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April 2014


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Managing corporate fraud and corruption
Sound controls and a culture of compliance are key to minimising fraud. When a firm suspects that fraud may be occurring, decisive action must be taken. Read more...
Chinese health and wellness market set to expand
With the expansion of the Chinese urban middle class, the Chinese health and wellness market has developed considerably in recent years. Read more...
EU launches banking reforms
The financial crisis wrought havoc upon financial institutions, businesses and nations alike, and there has been a concerted and controversial effort, to reform the global banking sector. Read more...
Sony reorganisation gathers pace
The reorganisation of Sony continued in February when the group announced that, it expects to record a $1.1bn loss for the financial year 2013-14. Read more...
US retail and consumer deals insight
2013 was an encouraging year for the US retail and consumer (R&C) market. Total deal transactions exceeded $100bn for the first time since 2008. Read more...
Tech sector M&A to boom
In late February Facebook Inc announced it had agreed to acquire mobile messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth around $19.5bn. Read more...
Building successful joint ventures
Companies and investors are increasingly looking beyond the traditional models of M&A, and using joint ventures and partnerships to achieve their objectives Read more...
MINT countries to be next economic giants?
The MINT nations are expected to take up the mantle from the BRICs and become the standout group of all the emerging nations. Read more...
Though there are signs of relative economic stability, risk management continues to grow in importance for businesses, investors and financial institutions. Global authorities continue to enhance their monitoring and enforcement practices, with cyber security, technology and third party risks under particular scrutiny. Effective risk management is fundamental to success and survival, and a basic requirement of shareholders, regulators and customers. Incoming regulation requires companies to enact effective risk management strategies and plug any gaps in their procedures. But the standards of effective risk management are constantly being raised in today’s challenging and changing risk environment. Read more...

ROUNDTABLE: Private equity
Following a disappointing 2012, the PE industry saw a stable level of deal activity in 2013, with financing largely available and a good number of deals getting done. Bank appetite to provide financing for leveraged buyouts continues to improve, and liquidity in the market is coming from both traditional and non-traditional sources. The current level of dry powder means PE funds have plenty of cash to put to work, and competition for the best deals is fierce. However, registration and compliance obligations are reshaping the industry. Read more...
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