Balancing BYOD: risks and rewards

March 2019  |  COVER STORY

The working world is changing. Cultural revolutions, social and environmental issues and technological advancements are combining to re-shape working conventions. As traditional practices change, new patterns emerge. Worker mobility has become a...

Biotech M&A outlook

March 2019  |  FEATURE

Following strong levels of M&A activity over the last few years, the biotech industry is poised for another year of regular dealmaking in 2019. Activity has been driven by a number of factors. One is the pharma industry’s ongoing need to replace aging...

Shareholder disputes in the EU: analysis and resolution

March 2019  |  FEATURE

Conflict is part and parcel of all business relationships, with shareholder disputes in particular often to the fore. Indeed, disputes between companies and their shareholders are becoming an increasingly common battleground, with dissension...

Digital crossroads: analytics and automation in the insurance sector

March 2019  |  FEATURE

The insurance sector is at a digital crossroads. Increasing competition, evolving customer expectations and a changing regulatory landscape are redefining the sector’s parameters and forcing insurers to adopt new technologies in order to remain...

Sanctions compliance & enforcement

March 2019  |  ROUNDTABLE

Today, companies have to navigate a complex global sanctions landscape. Two key trends which have emerged in recent months are an increase in targeted sanctions to achieve strategic geopolitical goals and a number of enforcement cases...

Managing risk

March 2019  |  SPECIAL REPORT

Risk is a major cause of uncertainty for any organisation. In order to manage risk, organisations need to focus on identifying sources of risk before they impact normal business operations. Risk management policies and procedures – whether financial, strategic...

FORUM: Third-party corruption and fraud risk management

March 2019  |  SPECIAL REPORT

FW moderates a discussion on third-party corruption and fraud risk management between Hannah Musgrave at Bell Gully, Anupreet Amole at Brown Rudnick LLP, and Hannah Laming at Peters & Peters Solicitors.

Earn outs as part of the overall consideration for transactions

March 2019  |  SPOTLIGHT

An earn out is a mechanism commonly used in acquisitions, under which part of the purchase price is deferred and made attributable to the future performance of the target’s business after completion. The mechanism is popular with buyers...

Outlook for life settlements in 2019

March 2019  |  TALKPINGPOINT

FW speaks with Corwin Zass at Actuarial Risk Management, Ltd about the outlook for life settlements in 2019.

Digital transformation in the chemicals industry

March 2019  |  TALKPINGPOINT

FW speaks with Frank Jenner at Ernst & Young GmbH WPG about digital transformation in the chemicals industry.

Evolving commercial due diligence: value creation in M&A

January 2019  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on evolving commercial due diligence and value creation in M&A between Sheil Malde, Colin Terry, Gabriele Vanoli, Michael van der Boom and Marc Becker at Deloitte.

Consumer products M&A

January 2019  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on consumer products M&A between Will Hayllar, Coye Nokes, Christoph Treiber, Adam Xu and Marek Zdziech at OC&C Strategy Consultants.

Safeguarding corporate brand and reputation

April 2019  |  RISK MANAGEMENT

The most invaluable assets of a business are its brand name and reputation. Indeed, a company’s brand and reputation is often synonymous to its success. Corporates often believe that the trust and loyalty a brand can invoke in a market is a vital element in...

Cyber crime in the UK – is it is bad as they say or worse?

April 2019  |  RISK MANAGEMENT

In November 2016, the government published the ‘National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021’ (NCSS). Philip Hammond, who was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer on 13 July 2016, drafted the forward that said: “Cyber-attacks are growing more frequent...

Patisserie Valerie and fraud prevention

April 2019  |  FRAUD & CORRUPTION

With the collapse into administration of Patisserie Valerie still fresh in everyone’s mind, this is a useful moment to reflect on fraud prevention measures and how the company’s collapse could have been avoided or the effects of the fraud mitigated...

Contract remedies in the United States


Whether in litigation or arbitration, the available remedies and the corresponding limitations for breach of contract claims drive decisions about whether to pursue claims or settle. The law in the US provides remedies for breach of contract that are monetary...

Solving the ethics enigma


For any company, even an allegation, much less the truth, of unethical or criminal behaviour may result in millions of dollars in legal fees, fines and penalties, reduced market capitalisation and, potentially, criminal liability. For example, Volkswagen’s diesel scandal...

The profits of zoom


We work in a world where being effective as a global business is essential. However, despite this, there is no single proven programme or discipline which provides leaders with the capabilities and competencies they need to succeed. If this is the case, then...

The new Italian CFC regime

February 2019  |  CORPORATE TAX

Legislative Decree No. 142 of 29 November 2018, published in the Italian Official Gazette on 28 December 2018, implemented Council Directive (EU) 2016/1164 of 12 July 2016, setting forth new rules against tax avoidance, known as the Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD)...

Reflections on the MTN Nigeria Communications case


On 29 August 2018, Nigeria’s Central Bank (CBN) announced the imposition of sanctions against MTN Nigeria Communications Limited (MTNN) and four commercial banks for the alleged “flagrant violation of extant laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”. The CBN demanded that MTNN return to Nigeria some US$8.13bn, which the CBN claimed...

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