Upskilling FS amid tech-led disruption

June 2019  |  COVER STORY

Closing skills gaps is one of the biggest challenges facing financial services (FS) today, with much of the sector struggling to secure a suitably skilled workforce due to considerable technology-led disruption. As a consequence, performance and competitiveness...

The role of the board in M&A

June 2019  |  FEATURE

M&A is an important weapon in any company’s arsenal; it can generate growth and increase shareholder value when done properly. While historically M&A may have been driven by a company’s chief executive or chief financial officer, today it is essential...

Silo mentalities: identification and eradication

June 2019  |  FEATURE

Few things corrode a company’s performance more than a silo mentality. Left unchecked, a silo mindset – an insular management system in which one information system or subsystem is incapable of reciprocal operation with others that are, or should be...

Tackling gender wage disparity

June 2019  |  FEATURE

Issues surrounding gender and sexual discrimination have become increasingly prominent in recent years. “Equal pay and pay equity have moved to the forefront of regulatory, political, litigation and shareholder focus,” says Mike Delikat, a partner at Orrick. “As a result...

International arbitration

June 2019  |  ROUNDTABLE

Arbitration offers a compelling forum for resolving international commercial disputes. As a consequence, there is now greater competition between traditional arbitral seats and emerging institutions – rivalry that is leading to greater efficiencies...

Mergers & acquisitions

June 2019  |  SPECIAL REPORT

While not hitting the heights seen in recent years, global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in 2018 was still substantial, with deals worth over $3 trillion agreed. Against a backdrop of sweeping technological change, corporate executives took advantage of...

Q&A: Getting talent integration right

June 2019  |  SPECIAL REPORT

FW moderates a discussion on getting talent integration right between Kelly Karger, Marie Holmstrom and Annie Rzepecki at Willis Towers Watson.

Exposures for directors and officers (D&Os) continue to evolve globally

June 2019  |  SPOTLIGHT

From #MeToo to the move towards more collective redress regimes outside the US, to failure to manage cyber risk, exposures for directors and officers (D&O) continue to rise. The environment and landscape directors and officers navigate on a daily basis is becoming...

Strategic decision making – crisis data and intelligence

June 2019  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on strategic decision making, focusing on crisis data and intelligence, between David Imison, Juliet Young, Lily Kennett, Emily Williams and Adam Wilkinson at Schillings International LLP.

Tackling financial crime in the APAC market

June 2019  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on tackling financial crime in the APAC market between Nick Parfitt and Christophe Barel at Acuris Risk Intelligence.

International trade and foreign investment in ASEAN


FW moderates a discussion on international trade and foreign investment in ASEAN between Yeo Eng Ping, Adrian Ball and Tan Bin Eng at EY.

Digital transformation in the financial services sector

April 2019  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on digital transformation in the financial services sector between Kevin Pleiter, Ilieva Ageenko, Joseph Pulicano, RK Madan and David G Royle at Grant Thornton.

Spain: a frontrunner in using harmonised EU alternative investment funds


The Spanish alternative investment sector has experienced significant growth recently, as signalled by the increasing number of management companies and funds operating in the country. This growth has drawn the attention of private banking clients...

Recent cyber security and data privacy developments


Data privacy and cyber security continues to make headlines. Companies are continually being targeted by cyber criminals, ranging from lone hackers to state-sponsored hacking organisations, highlighting the risks and potential costs of cyber...

Controllership existentialism: recent CJEU case law on determining controllership and its implications for business

July 2019  |  DATA PRIVACY

Navigating the world of European data protection law is not for the faint hearted. With multiple interacting pieces of legislation in force in each European Union (EU) Member State, even getting to grips with the underlying principles of the law...

Possible amendments to Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information in 2019

July 2019  |  DATA PRIVACY

On 25 April 2019, the Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan (PPC) published an interim report called “Interim report on the so-called review of APPI every three years”. The Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI)...

Accumulated losses and risk of statutory dissolution under Saudi companies law


Most businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operate on a Shari’ah-compliant basis but must also observe local regulations and need to understand the requirement to maintain stated capitalisation. A great deal of concern is in relation to the statutory dissolution...

An incremental improvement to capital markets


The offshoots of blockchain have induced speculative bubbles, promises of new paradigms, talk of disrupting status quo business models and even whispers of creating a new internet. But where are the practical applications that lay people can...

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