Tackling modern-day slavery within global supply chains

December 2017  |  COVER STORY

Modern-day slavery – typically defined as any form of forced human exploitation, such as human trafficking and forced labour – is one of the most complex and distressing issues of our age. This multibillion-dollar industry is estimated to enslave...

Innovation-driven M&A: explorers, enablers and expanders

December 2017  |  FEATURE

Innovation drives many mergers and acquisitions (M&A). A matter of risk and reward, M&A deal makers balance the growth potential of innovation – be it patents, products or capabilities – with the possibility of rapid and unforeseen obsolescence...

Importance of IP due diligence

December 2017  |  FEATURE

Protecting intellectual property (IP) assets should form an integral part of any company’s operations. To that end, companies must undertake robust IP due diligence in the event of an acquisition – whether carried out by a prospective purchaser...

Fraud and corruption litigation in Latin America

December 2017  |  FEATURE

Arguably, one of the biggest challenges of doing business in Latin America has been fraud and corruption. In recent years, however, considerable efforts have been made to mitigate their corrosive effects. According to the World Economic...

Innovation and technology for GRC

December 2017  |  ROUNDTABLE

A comprehensive governance, risk management & compliance (GRC) programme is a fundamental component of any company’s business armoury. This suite of functions and values enable executives and risk leaders to mitigate risks, reduce compliance breaches...

Global tax

December 2017  |  SPECIAL REPORT

Ever changing and increasingly complex, global tax systems are subject to constant volatility and fluctuation, with a number of legislative reforms having a significant impact in recent times. Indeed, on the heels of new and updated legislation, tax authorities...

Brexit may mean Brexit, but what does it mean for M&A?

December 2017  |  SPOTLIGHT

According to data from Mergermarket, transaction numbers in the first half of 2017 are down 12 percent on the same period last year, which may seem to confirm some of the dire warnings issued by Britain’s ‘remainers’. However, a closer look...

Investor communications: private equity’s information gap

December 2017  |  SPOTLIGHT

Enthusiasm for private equity as an asset class continues to rise in a time of opportunity for fund managers. According to Preqin, the number of private equity funds in the market continued to grow in Q3 2017, with a 10 percent rise in the number of...

Corporate immigration in 2017

April 2017  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on corporate immigration in 2017 between Maria Jockel at BDO Migration Services and Tom Mintern at Bird & Bird LLP.

Investing in India

September 2016  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on investing in India between Hiten Kotak, Ganesh Raju and Ashutosh Chaturvedi at PwC India.

Operational and financial restructuring in the energy & natural resources sector

September 2016  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on operational and financial restructuring in the energy & natural resources sector between Bruce J. Ruzinsky at Jackson Walker LLP, Gregory M. Gordon at Jones Day, Trey A. Monsour at K&L Gates LLP, George R. Ward at PJSC Energy Advisory Group, and Christopher M. Dressel at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP.

Pension challenges in bankruptcy and restructuring processes

August 2016 |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on pension challenges in bankruptcy and restructuring processes between Gary P. Squires at AlixPartners, Stephen E. Hessler at Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Camilla Barry at Macfarlanes LLP.

Outlook for the life settlements market in 2017

April 2017  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to Corwin Zass at Actuarial Risk Management about the outlook for the life settlements market in 2017.

Proposed UK insolvency law reform

January 2017  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to David Bryan at BM&T LLP about proposed UK insolvency law reform.

Outlook for master limited partnerships (MLPs)

November 2016  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to G. Michael O’Leary at Andrews Kurth Kenyon LLP, about the outlook for master limited partnerships (MLPs).

Intellectual property portfolio management

August 2016  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to Nicola Baker-Munton at Stratagem IPM about intellectual property portfolio management.

Taming the beast – the need for regulation in peer-to-peer lending

December 2017  |  BANKING & FINANCE

Under existing Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines, peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders operate within a virtually unregulated space. While this is not damaging in itself, it does create a number of risks, as the FCA has acknowledged. The most significant...

Asset managers, Brexit planning and supervisory convergence

December 2017  |  FINANCE & INVESTMENT

Ecosystems are important to the provision of financial services and the UK’s asset management ecosystem is one of the strongest within the sector. The UK has created an environment where innovation thrives within the asset management...

Should international arbitration be the dispute resolution method of choice for international companies?


The exponential growth in international commercial arbitration has been fuelled by the realisation that many global commercial disputes are better resolved in neutral countries by neutral arbitrators, rather than in national courts by national judges...

UK government’s two year Brexit transitional period: poisoned chalice or a step in the right direction?

December 2017  |  ECONOMIC TRENDS

On 4 October 2017, the Conservative Party’s annual conference drew to a close. The conference, and Theresa May’s speech in Florence before it, had been closely watched for indications of where the UK’s Brexit negotiating strategy was heading...


Optimisation of working time: how to use legal tools to improve working time management

November 2017|  LABOUR & EMPLOYMENT

French regulations on working time, and namely the 35-hour rule, can be too rigid a framework for companies needing flexibility and adaptability. A common rule is that working time is counted within one week. As soon as the employee works more...


How to comply with the Russian requirements on localisation of personal data

November 2017|  DATA PRIVACY

Recently, important changes to the Russian legislation on personal data have entered into force, requiring a response from foreign companies doing business in Russia. The new version of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation...


Cyber security and data privacy in Argentina

November 2017|  DATA PRIVACY

This article will analyse and summarise Argentine regulations regarding cyber security and data privacy and explore internet issues in the context of employment relationships. The most comprehensive statutory regulation regarding...


Telecom Italia takeover: will the government’s ‘golden power’ still be enforceable?


At the moment of privatisation in 2000, upon losing its majority control by virtue of the dismissal of the equity participation held in Telecom Italia, the Italian government modified the company’s articles of association in order to ensure the recognition...

Boards of directors neglect one essential duty: oversight of the relationship between governance and corporate culture


Corporate culture should be a set of authentic behaviours, set forth by a founder or management team of a company, which is embraced by the entire organisation. Certainly, each culture is distinctive and many diverse elements...

In compliance investigations, companies find that e-discovery technology delivers results and savings

May 2016  |  COMPANY LAW

No matter what steps a corporation takes to ensure legal compliance by its officers and employees, there is no fail-safe. Violations of anti-corruption laws and other regulatory schemes can still occur. When they do...


Organising for creativity and innovation – lessons from the biopharmaceutical industry

December 2016  |  SECTOR ANALYSIS

The biopharma industry is arguably the most knowledge intense industry of all. Human creativity and ingenuity within R&D and beyond play key roles in turning that knowledge into IP and value for patients and corporate stakeholders...


Effective board governance: the healthy tension between management and the board


In this age of heightened risk, the need for effective governance has caused a dynamic shift in the role of the board of directors. Cyber security, rapid technological growth and a number of corporate scandals resulting from the financial...


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