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2018 ExpertBriefing

Understanding the limitations of data solutions

January 2018  |  RISK MANAGEMENT

Klink & Co., Inc.

We are awash in data ‘solutions’ relating to everything imaginable. Data providers claim that all risks now can be readily identified and mitigated with easy-to-use data solutions. Need to perform due diligence on a vendor for Foreign Corrupt Practices...

New Argentine law on corporate liability and compliance programmes for certain corruption cases

January 2018  |  FRAUD & CORRUPTION

Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal

Several proposals for new anti-corruption regulations have been made by president Macri’s administration since he took office in December 2015. Some of these have been enacted into law including, for example, the law on access to public...

Corporate social responsibility: the capitalist’s dilemma

January 2018  |  FRAUD & CORRUPTION

Olaniwun Ajayi LP

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has fast become an evolutionary concept with different writers positing varying theories regarding the interface between CSR and businesses. For context, there exists a school of thought which believes that...

Brexit and the future of immigration in the UK and EU

January 2018  |  LABOUR & EMPLOYMENT

Berry Appleman & Leiden

Immigration played a central role in the Brexit movement – the recent rise in immigration was one of the defining arguments that united anti-globalists, eurosceptics and nationalists to vote the UK out of the EU. One of the goals of Brexit was to... 

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