Automation across financial services: hype or reality?

April 2017|  COVER STORY

Whether the displacement of human labour by automation is, as is often depicted, another nail in the manual coffin seems a moot assertion. But what cannot be denied is its increasing role across the financial services (FS) sector...

Innovation in Islamic finance

April 2017|  FEATURE

Islamic finance is one of the fastest growing areas of international finance. Finding its basis in the ethical teachings of Islam, it is steadily growing in appeal, thanks in no small part to the scale of the available market. Indeed, there are 1.6 billion...

AI investment

April 2017|  FEATURE

Artificial intelligence (AI) presents one of the most exciting and potentially transformative opportunities that mankind has faced in its recent history. In some quarters, it has been heralded as the next industrial revolution...

The role of the board in crisis scenarios

April 2017|  FEATURE

In a corporate context, the moment when a dramatic event becomes a crisis is when it poses a significant threat to a company’s financial performance, reputation or its relations with key stakeholders. Research tells us that, on average...

Sanctions compliance & enforcement

April 2017|  ROUNDTABLE

The sanctions arena is complex and challenging, with a host of nuanced statutes, executive orders and country-specific regulations being implemented and modified across the globe. Among the most visible are the Ukraine-related sanctions that...

Managing risk


In today’s business environment, risk is a constant companion for every company – a reality which requires entities to identify the basic elements of risk and to explore how these elements can affect the potential for mission success. Risk management policies...

Financial institution liability for white-collar crimes


Banks and financial services businesses are under increasing pressure following claims regarding their role in fraud: Western Union is on the hook for an exorbitant forfeiture, an individual has claimed that the Royal Bank of Canada contributed...

Cyber security and M&A

April 2017|  SPOTLIGHT

Verizon Communications entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the online information platform Yahoo on 25 July 2016 for $4.8bn. The transaction, which has not been completed, excluded cash, shares in Yahoo Japan and Alibaba...

Investing in India

September 2016|  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on investing in India between Hiten Kotak, Ganesh Raju and Ashutosh Chaturvedi at PwC India.

Operational and financial restructuring in the energy & natural resources sector

September 2016|  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on operational and financial restructuring in the energy & natural resources sector between Bruce J. Ruzinsky, a partner at Jackson Walker LLP, Gregory M. Gordon, a partner at Jones Day, Trey A. Monsour, a partner at K&L Gates LLP, George R. Ward, co-head and managing director at PJSC Energy Advisory Group, and Christopher M. Dressel, an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP.

Pension challenges in bankruptcy and restructuring processes

August 2016 |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on pension challenges in bankruptcy and restructuring processes between Gary P. Squires at AlixPartners, Stephen E. Hessler at Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Camilla Barry at Macfarlanes LLP.

Adoption of patent box in Europe

August 2016 |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on the adoption of patent box in Europe between Alessandro Lualdi, Aldo Castoldi and Luca Bosco at Studio Tributario e Societario – STS Deloitte.

Proposed UK insolvency law reform

January 2017  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to David Bryan at BM&T LLP about proposed UK insolvency law reform.

Outlook for master limited partnerships (MLPs)

November 2016  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to G. Michael O’Leary at Andrews Kurth Kenyon LLP, about the outlook for master limited partnerships (MLPs).

Intellectual property portfolio management

August 2016  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to Nicola Baker-Munton at Stratagem IPM about intellectual property portfolio management.

Developments in leveraged financing

June 2016  |  10QUESTIONS

FW speaks to Neil Caddy at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy about developments in leveraged financing.

Investing into ASEAN’s emerging markets: a snapshot from the venture capital perspective


In 2011, Gideon Rachman, the chief foreign affairs commentator of the Financial Times, proposed in his book, Zero Sum World, that the global financial crisis in 2008, coupled with the rising economic prominence of Asia, would lead to the adoption by...

What can governments and the private sector do to prepare for an economic downturn?


2017 is set to be a distinctive year on a number of fronts. All businesses are operating against the backdrop of an uncertain and challenging global economic environment. Not since the 1930s has such a combination of falling growth, increasing...

Investors diversify alternative assets exposure in 2017


The alternative assets industry is bigger than ever, with more than $7.7 trillion in hedge fund and private capital assets managed globally. The industry has cemented itself as an important facet of the investment portfolios of large institutional investors...

Drug pricing: caught between ethics and politics


Drug pricing has become a topic of much heated debate, both on the political stage and among drug companies, patients and payors. Many of us are either directly or indirectly (through friends and family) affected by what seem to be ever-rising...

Crime and corruption in the 4th industrial revolution

March 2017  |  FRAUD & CORRUPTION

The first Industrial Revolution used water and steam power to mechanise production; the second used electric power, resulting in a vast industrial sector and the third saw the beginnings of electronics and information technology...

The proposed e-Privacy Regulation: what is new?

March 2017  |  DATA PRIVACY

In January 2017 the European Commission published its proposal for an e-Privacy Regulation (EPR) just weeks after an unofficial draft of the proposed law was leaked. The Commission’s proposal is still very much in draft form and will likely undergo...

The end of privacy?

March 2017  |  DATA PRIVACY

How do governments secure their national tax base in a world where exchange controls have largely been abolished, money can be transferred instantly around the globe and ways of holding structures located in tax efficient jurisdictions are readily...

VAT in the financial sector: partial exemption

March 2017  |  CORPORATE TAX

As the VAT year-end is fast approaching for most businesses, it is an opportune time for businesses to take stock of their VAT position. The majority of businesses in the financial sector will be partly exempt, which means that they are not...

Boards of directors neglect one essential duty: oversight of the relationship between governance and corporate culture


Corporate culture should be a set of authentic behaviours, set forth by a founder or management team of a company, which is embraced by the entire organisation. Certainly, each culture is distinctive and many diverse elements...

In compliance investigations, companies find that e-discovery technology delivers results and savings

May 2016  |  COMPANY LAW

No matter what steps a corporation takes to ensure legal compliance by its officers and employees, there is no fail-safe. Violations of anti-corruption laws and other regulatory schemes can still occur. When they do...


Organising for creativity and innovation – lessons from the biopharmaceutical industry

December 2016  |  SECTOR ANALYSIS

The biopharma industry is arguably the most knowledge intense industry of all. Human creativity and ingenuity within R&D and beyond play key roles in turning that knowledge into IP and value for patients and corporate stakeholders...


Effective board governance: the healthy tension between management and the board


In this age of heightened risk, the need for effective governance has caused a dynamic shift in the role of the board of directors. Cyber security, rapid technological growth and a number of corporate scandals resulting from the financial...


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