Data breach responses

January 2018  |  COVER STORY

Given the scale and speed of technological advances in recent decades, companies are generating more sensitive business data than ever. Though they are storing that data in ways that are beneficial to their businesses, they are also becoming more attractive...

New UK defence sector merger controls proposed

January 2018  |  FEATURE

In October 2017, the UK government took steps to heighten merger control in the country’s technology and defence sectors. Proposed new rules would allow the government to intervene on certain deals based on national security concerns...

Leveraging lean across the finance function

January 2018  |  FEATURE

Lean is a business methodology focused on customer value and resource efficiency – essentially a tool for optimising processes and underpinning sustainable competitive advantage. One area of business in which the application of lean techniques...

CRS to deliver new age of tax transparency

January 2018  |  FEATURE

Tax evasion is a corrosive crime which affects the finances of virtually every country in the world. Massive in scope, it is believed to amount to around 5 percent of global GDP and cost the US economy an estimated $337bn each year in tax revenue...

GDPR compliance and strategy

January 2018  |  ROUNDTABLE

A ‘game changer’ is how the EU’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been described by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Scheduled to take effect from May 2018, the regulation introduces new laws that will fundamentally...

Intellectual property

January 2018  |  SPECIAL REPORT

Intellectual property (IP) is among the most important assets a company possesses. These inventions, designs and symbols, names and images are used to establish a business and drive commercial activities. Given the importance of IP...

The blockchain phenomenon


Blockchain technology is the topic of the day. For the tech industry, it has been steadily growing for the past decade, becoming the technology which could transform virtually every industry. It has been touted as one of the most critical disrupters...

How boards effectively govern culture

January 2018  |  SPOTLIGHT

Culture creates a unique footprint in every organisation. It can be a strategic differentiator, enabling a company to achieve superior returns and be a ‘great place to work’. Conversely, the absence of a healthy culture can be a liability. The news is littered with...

Data remediation in M&A divestments

January 2018  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on data remediation in M&A divestments between Darren Pauling and Paul Hough at KPMG.

Tackling distress in the US healthcare sector

October 2017  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on tackling distress in the US healthcare sector between Marshall Glade at GlassRatner, Felicia Gerber Perlman at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates and Ana Alfonso at Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP.

Valuing embedded optionality and other complexities in energy contracts

October 2017  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW moderates a discussion on the complexities of energy contracts between Dr James Dimech-DeBono, Patrick Hébréard and Nils von Hinten-Reed at CEG.

Preparing for Brexit

October 2017  |  TALKINGPOINT

FW speaks with David Bryan at BM&T about how companies can prepare for Brexit.

Blockchain, trade finance and sanctions issues

February 2018  |  BANKING & FINANCE

Blockchain is the technology that underpins digital currencies such as Bitcoin, but it has far wider applications and is being used in a growing number of areas. The blockchain has the potential to drastically alter the global financial system. Trade...

Brexit’s unlikely headline-grabber: contracts

February 2018  |  BANKING & FINANCE

Corporate restructuring, job relocations… contract remediation? In testimony before lawmakers in December 2017, Barclay’s chief executive John McFarlane revealed that renegotiation of “hundreds of thousands” of contracts is one of his chief Brexit...

Ascent to CFO – charting today’s finance talent career path to the top table


At some point in their careers, most finance professionals will have dreamed of becoming a chief financial officer (CFO). But while becoming CFO remains a popular aspiration, it is not easy to achieve and the role itself is changing rapidly...

Understanding international sanctions

February 2018  |  GLOBAL TRADE

Keeping abreast of new regulations is a challenge for compliance professionals. It has featured as a top priority every year that our Compliance Horizon survey has been running. It is especially difficult in the field of sanctions, and in 2017, close to...

Understanding the limitations of data solutions

January 2018  |  RISK MANAGEMENT

We are awash in data ‘solutions’ relating to everything imaginable. Data providers claim that all risks now can be readily identified and mitigated with easy-to-use data solutions. Need to perform due diligence on a vendor for Foreign Corrupt Practices...

New Argentine law on corporate liability and compliance programmes for certain corruption cases

January 2018  |  FRAUD & CORRUPTION

Several proposals for new anti-corruption regulations have been made by president Macri’s administration since he took office in December 2015. Some of these have been enacted into law including, for example, the law on access to public...

Corporate social responsibility: the capitalist’s dilemma

January 2018  |  FRAUD & CORRUPTION

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has fast become an evolutionary concept with different writers positing varying theories regarding the interface between CSR and businesses. For context, there exists a school of thought which believes that...

Brexit and the future of immigration in the UK and EU

January 2018  |  LABOUR & EMPLOYMENT

Immigration played a central role in the Brexit movement – the recent rise in immigration was one of the defining arguments that united anti-globalists, eurosceptics and nationalists to vote the UK out of the EU. One of the goals of Brexit was to... 

Boards of directors neglect one essential duty: oversight of the relationship between governance and corporate culture


Corporate culture should be a set of authentic behaviours, set forth by a founder or management team of a company, which is embraced by the entire organisation. Certainly, each culture is distinctive and many diverse elements...

In compliance investigations, companies find that e-discovery technology delivers results and savings

May 2016  |  COMPANY LAW

No matter what steps a corporation takes to ensure legal compliance by its officers and employees, there is no fail-safe. Violations of anti-corruption laws and other regulatory schemes can still occur. When they do...


Organising for creativity and innovation – lessons from the biopharmaceutical industry

December 2016  |  SECTOR ANALYSIS

The biopharma industry is arguably the most knowledge intense industry of all. Human creativity and ingenuity within R&D and beyond play key roles in turning that knowledge into IP and value for patients and corporate stakeholders...


Effective board governance: the healthy tension between management and the board


In this age of heightened risk, the need for effective governance has caused a dynamic shift in the role of the board of directors. Cyber security, rapid technological growth and a number of corporate scandals resulting from the financial...


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