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May 2018 Issue

All businesses are of course concerned about how they will grow and prosper in the future. Key to this is how effectively their business strategy – often characterised as a plan or set of intentions that will set the long-term direction of the actions needed to ensure future organisational success – is operationally enacted. Moreover, an organisation’s operations are strategically important precisely because most organisational activity comprises the day-to-day activities within the operations function. These myriad daily actions, when considered in theirtotality, constitute an organisation’s long-term strategic direction. Ultimately, no matter how grand the plan or how noble the intention, an organisation’s strategy can only become a meaningful reality if business strategy and operations functions are suitably aligned.

FORUM: Engaging with stakeholders on long-term governance, ethics and cultural issues

FW moderates a discussion on engaging with stakeholders on long-term governance, ethics and cultural issues between J. Kevin Foster at Business Ethics Advisors, LLC, Juan Aguayo at Cuatrecasas, Simon Osborne at ICSA: The Governance Institute, Friso van der Oord at the National Association for Corporate Directors (NACD), and Melissa Sawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.

Can you afford not to be ethical?

Institute of Business Ethics ‘Does business ethics pay?’ is a common question. There is no escaping the current increasing political pressure for exemplary ethical behaviour from our businesses. Indeed, the draft new UK Corporate Governance Code contains a provision...

The authenticity leader: the lynchpin to setting the moral compass

Frank C. Bucaro & Associates Authenticity is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of effective leadership. The reason why lies in what makes an authentic leader. What are the characteristics of the authentic leader? What is the cause and effect of this type of leadership?

CFOs must be prepared to lead on new technologies or lose relevance

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants We live in an age of constantly evolving skill sets. Barely a day seems to go by without a fresh business headline announcing how technology will make whole professions obsolete or will ‘change everything’. For many years, the ethos of influential...

The regulatory challenge for disruptive business models

Cuatrecasas There can be no doubt about the irresistible penetration of digital technology into global economic models. Indeed, elements such as the proliferation of connected devices and multi-connectivity have introduced many disruptive business models that...

Local regulation as a key issue in business strategy

Guerrero Consultoria & Litigio A business strategy fails for several reasons. Some of these reasons can be controlled, while others cannot. One of those factors that can be managed is the applicable legal framework. Regardless of whether the business is an SME or a multinational company...

A simple yet effective solution for increasing women on boards

Committee for Economic Development In both Europe and the US, women make up over half of the population, nearly half of the workforce and now attain more higher education degrees than men. They also influence 70 to 80 percent of all purchasing decisions worldwide. Why, then, do women...

An uncharacteristic way to reason in favour of diversity and inclusion

Keppler Speakers Bureau For many in society, diversity and inclusion are vogue and politically correct terms that are often employed in the marketplace today. Unfortunately, based on most research reports, it is becoming increasingly clear that prescribed training programmes...

Q&A: Diversity in the boardroom and C-suite

FW moderates a discussion on diversity in the boardroom and C-suite between Janice Reals Ellig at Ellig Group, Steven Cox at Fujitsu, Rohini Anand at Sodexo, and Carl Clarke at Vodafone Group.


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