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April 2019 Issue

The financing of infrastructure and large-scale projects – in the mining industry, transportation and telecommunications sectors and energy industry, among many others – continues to be a top priority for financial institutions, corporates, governments and emerging economies across the globe. With the amount of capital involved typically trillions of dollars, there is an increased need for practitioners in this space to utilise a range of methods to deliver the long-term financing of regional, national and international infrastructure projects and large-scale projects. To this end, types of financing likely to remain popular include public and private sector projects, as well as public-private partnerships (PPP).

FORUM: Sustainability in infrastructure projects

FW moderates a discussion on sustainability in infrastructure projects between Benjamin Assante Di Panzillo at Egis, Rahul Agarwal at Invest India, Joanne Emerson Taqi at Norton Rose Fulbright (Middle East) LLP, and Simon Whistler at Principles for Responsible Investment.

Infrastructure investment: assessing the risk

S&P Global Ratings Understanding the past can help inform our present and future decisions. Infrastructure investors often hold this principle in high regard since their interest lies in assets that – among other traits – can typically offer longevity, monopolistic characteristics...

Building exposure to infrastructure – difficulties, options and a story of undeployed funds

GLIO Infrastructure maintenance, upgrades and developments are a high-order priority for federal governments worldwide. More specifically, this means investments in critical economic infrastructure, such as roads, railways, bridges, sea ports...

ESG and infrastructure investing, two sides of the same coin

Schroders With the world facing intensifying challenges as environmental tensions grow and populations age and urbanise, the relationship between environmental, social and governance (ESG) and infrastructure investment will only strengthen. Addressing these...

De-risking sustainable infrastructure

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) The world needs about $3.7 trillion investment in infrastructure every year, according to the Global Infrastructure Hub. Despite all the efforts of governments, development finance institutions and the private sector, current spending on infrastructure still falls short by about $600bn...

Politics, proceduralisation and infrastructure finance

George Mason University Political risks have received raw treatment in infrastructure project finance. Generally, political risks are reduced to tail events (i.e., low probability/high impact events, like civil unrest and expropriation), or secluded to residual explanations (i.e., hazards...

European financial instruments and regulatory initiatives in support of digital infrastructure

European Commission The need to ‘do more with less’ has led the European Union (EU), and the European Commission (EC) in particular, to find innovative solutions to mobilise additional sources of capital to complement those available from the European budget...

Developing and financing toll road PPPs in Latin America

Egis Projects Following the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, French economist Jacques Attali wrote “we place a stronger importance on cars that circulate on a bridge than on the solidity of the bridge itself”. For the development of transport infrastructure in Latin America...

India: guiding growth through infrastructure development

Invest India India today is at a strategic inflexion point of greater economic prosperity and unprecedented economic boom. India’s journey on the path of economic reform has transformed it into one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Infrastructure has been one of the...

Lessons the Middle East can learn from the UK’s PFI/PF2 model

Norton Rose Fulbright (Middle East) LLP As demand for public infrastructure increases in the Middle East, so too has the appetite for public-private partnership (PPP) projects in the region. In the wake of increasing debate around the feasibility of PPP projects in the UK, following the collapse of high profile...


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