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January 2016 Issue

January 2016 Issue

Intellectual property (IP) – including inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, and names and images used in commerce – exists in one form or another in every avenue of business. IP is protected in law by patents, copyright and trademarks which enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit from their invention or creation. However, in order to develop an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish, IP assets need to be protected and placed at the top of a business’s agenda, while striking a balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public. Ultimately, for those in possession of a promising invention or idea, an understanding of the IP landscape is essential, not only to ensure that rights are upheld, but to ensure that the IP in question is maximised to its fullest advantage.

FORUM: Protecting and enforcing trademarks

FW moderates a discussion on protecting and enforcing trademarks between David Wilkinson at Clyde & Co, Mark Sommers atFinnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP, Cornelia Schmitt at Grünecker, and Myrtha Hurtado Rivas at Novartis Pharma AG.

What is a brand – and what does it mean for your business?

Lewis Silkin LLP 2015 saw a host of big name brands come under fire. Thomas Cook’s brand took a beating after a PR disaster over the deaths of two children on holiday in Corfu. Volkswagen saw its car sales suffer after September’s emissions scandal. FIFA is in freefall. Even Taylor Swift...

Using citation analysis to value patents

NERA Economic Consulting A useful, efficient and increasingly utilised indication of the value of a patent is the number of times that it is cited by a later patent (‘forward citations’). More valuable patents (that is, patents for which there is relatively high demand for the technology described in...

IP awareness programmes for employees

ENSafrica Why are IP awareness programmes important? In many cases, IP is the most valuable asset of the company. It is therefore imperative that the company’s employees should understand what IP is and how and why it should be protected and enforced. In some cases, that IP might...

Trademark protection on a global scale

Nucleus IP Limited Why should I register my trademark? This is a question that the majority of business owners, from the sole trader, to the start-up to the multinationals, ask when the discussion about trademark protection arises. One simple answer is prevention is better than a cure...

IP litigation – processes, procedures and preparation

J A Kemp Intellectual property litigation is changing. In common with the rest of the business world, litigation is becoming more digitised and this is enabling smaller teams to conduct litigation as effectively as large teams, but at lower cost. Litigation in the...

Relying on trust: Hidden Gem and the perils of unwritten IP licences

Norton Rose Fulbright LLP A recent decision of the UK Intellectual Property Enterprise Court provides a useful reminder of the inherent risks of using third parties to develop intellectual property. Where intellectual property provisions are not properly documented, there is a...

The creation of the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court in Europe and the implications for international business

Jones Day The forthcoming creation of a new European Unified Patent Court (UPC) and a new European patent with unitary effect (Unitary Patent), in which almost all member states of the European Union will participate, is the most important change in the European patent...

UPC jurisdiction for EP patents: should I opt out or stay in?

E.G.Y.P. The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is planned to open for business at the start of 2017. 2016 is the year to choose whether or not to opt out of the UPC jurisdiction. Companies need to make a decision for each of their current EP patents, as well as for each of their EP...

The Italian IP Box: a box full of contents

DLA Piper Milan The Italian government has recently approved the Patent Box (also known as the IP Box), which is a tax incentive regime already in force in some European countries (lastly in the UK) and whose object is to make Italy a more attractive venue for companies investing in...

Q&A: Creating value through IP asset management and valuation

FW moderates a discussion on creating value through IP asset management and valuation between Michael J. Dansky at Berkeley Research Group, LLC, Dr James Dimech-DeBono at FTI Consulting, Alan Cox at NERA Economic Consulting, and Scott Weingust atStout Risius Ross, Inc.


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