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April 2014 Issue

April 2014 Issue

Though there are signs of relative economic stability, risk management continues to grow in importance for businesses, investors and financial institutions. Global authorities continue to enhance their monitoring and enforcement practices, with cyber security, technology and third party risks under particular scrutiny. Effective risk management is fundamental to success and survival, and a basic requirement of shareholders, regulators and customers. Incoming regulation requires companies to enact effective risk management strategies and plug any gaps in their procedures. But the standards of effective risk management are constantly being raised in today’s challenging and changing risk environment.

FORUM: Information technology and cyber security risk

Larry Clinton at the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) moderates a discussion on information technology and cyber security risk between Michael Bruemmer at Experian Data Breach Resolution, Emilian Papadopoulos at Good Harbor Security Risk Management, LLC, and Simon Calderbank at HCC International.

Is the UK ready for cyber insurance?

HCC International Insurance Company Plc The way in which business is being conducted is changing. With squeezes on margin, most companies are looking for improved efficiencies and easier ways to reach the market. In many instances this involves the use of technology and the internet. Uses range from VoIP telephones to...

Managing cyber risk: assess, monitor, respond, repeat

Kalki Consulting It is difficult these days to turn on the news and not hear about a data breach. News about the Target Corp. breach just keeps getting worse and small to midsize enterprises can no longer pretend that hiding in plain sight is an adequate defence against cyber attacks...

Enhancing your risk management capabilities through strategic partnerships

McMillan LLP In the not so distant past, it was typical for large national and international corporate clients to have deep, long-term relationships with their legal service providers. This changed in the 90s with many clients viewing legal services as a fungible commodity in which cost was the...

Director & officer liability insurance – tips for selecting the ‘right’ policy limit, retention and insurer

Holland & Knight Three of the most common questions we hear from purchasers of D&O insurance policies are: How much insurance should we buy? What is the right amount for our retention? Does it matter what insurers we use on our program? Each of these questions is important and...

Utilising transactional insurance as a financial solution for your next deal

Allied World Merger & acquisition activity is on the rise given several factors including: economic recovery/stability, inexpensive financing, robust cash reserves on corporate balance sheets and active private equity markets. Following the 2008 global financial crisis, which stifled global...

The move to mobile: an overview of the key mobile payment technologies and the challenge of risk management

Nabarro LLP The mobile payments landscape is changing fast. Traditional financial services companies, such as banks and building societies, have finally begun to respond to huge consumer demand to more easily make payments on-the-go using mobile phones. Exciting evidence of this can be seen in...

The value of a proactive legal risk management policy for retail companies

McCarthy Tétrault LLP Successful retailers interact with their customers in countless ways. When customers come through their doors, they interact with employees, products and the retail space itself. Retailers also increasingly interact with their customers online, where they collect and analyse...



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