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May 2016 Issue

May 2016 Issue

In an ideal world, every organisation would have an effective board leading the way – especially in view of a business environment that has metamorphosed into its current form, in which dealing with intensive, increasing scrutiny is now the norm for an organisation’s upper echelons. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules as to what constitutes an effective board. However, a clear role and focus, a culture of trust and respect, a balanced board team and an effective chairman would seem to be prerequisites for success. Ultimately, in today’s more vocal and less forgiving business environment, the need to have an effective board guiding the way is a key component for success.

FORUM: Governance and ethics best practice

FW moderates a discussion on governance and ethics best practice between Miriam Garnier at Finance & Gouvernance, Tim Goodman at Hermes EOS, Chiara Diaz at Kraft Heinz Company, and Dr Solomon Osagie at TSYS International.

Duties and liabilities of European directors – too much risk for too little return?

ecoDa Serving as a corporate director or supervisory board member can sometimes seem like a thankless task. Unlike chief executive officers or senior company executives, board members do not necessarily earn the substantial...

Performance in the spotlight: assessment and board effectiveness

Spencer Stuart Investor focus on board performance has reached new levels of intensity, as a growing number of institutional investors have joined activist investors in calling for greater transparency about board composition and performance. A robust...

Building an environment of trust is a board responsibility?

Frank C. Bucaro & Associates Warren Buffet, in a memo to his senior managers, stated “Culture, more than rule books, determines how an organisation behaves.” Boards need to have oversight of their ethics and compliance function...

Corporate governance is not one-size-fits-all

Third Creek Advisors, LLC In the US financial markets, investor, media and regulatory focus is predominantly trained upon the largest public companies. But, the large-cap bias in the US, and other global markets, camouflages a capital markets truism: the...

Key considerations for boards of pre-IPO companies

Protiviti As anyone who has been part of a successful IPO will attest, preparing to become a public company in the US involves significant business transformation. The discussion below focuses on key considerations at the board level...

Q&A: M&A strategy – creating shareholder value and managing risks

FW moderates a discussion on using M&A as a strategy to create shareholder value and manage risks between David McCourt atGranahan McCourt Capital, Diego S. Krischcautzky at Marval O’Farrell & Mairal, and Derek Devgun at Medtronic.



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