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August 2018 Issue

Whatever the size of a business, how it uses technology can have major beneficial impacts – both tangible and intangible – on operations. Among the benefits are quicker communication with customers, an increase in operational efficiency, greater security, more research capacity and a better business culture dynamic. Moreover, optimal use of technology can also help companies hone their strategies when it comes to the risks they face and requirements regarding regulatory compliance. Going forward, as companies seek to get ahead in the business world, many are automating their business processes in order to decrease human error and boost productivity. That said, they must also remain flexible and be able to adapt their operations to newer and better technological advances.

FORUM: KYC technology for screening, verification and monitoring

FW moderates a discussion on KYC technology for screening, verification and monitoring between Matt Galvin at AB-InBev, Gwendolyn L. Hassan at CNH Industrial, Derek Ryan at Deloitte LLP, and Jane Grinblat at Reed Smith LLP.

The challenges of the enterprise in the cloud

DLA Piper From one perspective, cloud services are not new. Though it has become fashionable to term something as being provided on a ‘X as a service’ basis, the concept of what used be known as ‘application service provision’ and the wider scope of...

Artificial intelligence

Fieldfisher LLP Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to transform the way many firms work. The World Bank and PwC believe AI threatens 40 percent to 80 percent of current jobs. There should be little doubt that AI is a disruptor like none before. For institutions to harness...

Optimal data commercialisation: transforming raw data into revenue-generating insights

Hogan Lovells It is no secret that businesses have started to amass a wealth of data. And as innovative technologies offer faster communication, greater storage capabilities and more robust analytics, businesses now have the tools to turn their raw data into extremely...

Lessons learned – contract renewals and exit management

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP The expiry and re-bidding of outsourcing contracts provides some harsh lessons about the content of outsourcing contracts that were signed years ago. One of the main issues is about the need for information from the incumbent service provider...

Website consent management solutions under the GDPR

Reed Smith LLP Consent in daily life appears to be simple: it is a yes or no question. Consent in legal terms, and in particular the consent introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is rather complex. Strict requirements are tied to a valid consent...

Q&A: Global digital transformation

FW moderates a discussion on global digital transformation between Claudia Milbradtat Clifford Chance Deutschland LLP, Deborah Sherry at GE Digital Europe, Russia and CIS, and Andrew Copland-Cale at Siemens AG.



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