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July 2016 Issue

July 2016 Issue

White-collar crime – a term associated with the types of financially motivated nonviolent crimes perpetrated by business and government professionals (from fraud and bribery to insider trading and embezzlement) – is steadily on the rise and is now estimated to be costing the global economy in excess of $2 trillion a year. Furthermore, with the types of white-collar-crime becoming ever more sophisticated due to a technologically advancing society, deploying strategies to tackle the issue, as well facilitating co-operation between enforcement agencies, is a key element in the battle to ensure that white-collar criminals do not remain one step ahead of the authorities or their companies.

FORUM: Managing and mitigating fraud in the Asia-Pacific region

FW moderates a discussion on managing and mitigating fraud in the Asia-Pacific region between Sachin Murumkar at John Deere, Wilson Ang at Norton Rose Fulbright, Aili Zhao at Siemens Ltd., China, and Sylvia Fang at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Piecemeal approach to anti-corruption leaves companies exposed

MetricStream Corruption in a range of forms poses a considerable threat to businesses. Be it bribery, fraud or extortion, falsifying results to meet targets or anti-competitive behaviour, all have the potential to do considerable...

United States’ crackdown on offshore tax evasion: what does the future hold?

Blank Rome LLP The US Department of Justice (DOJ) marked an historic milestone in its years-long effort to combat offshore tax evasion with its announcement earlier this year of the final nonprosecution agreement for Swiss banks participating...

Back to basics: Ponzi schemes are here to stay

Bennett Jones LLP As might be expected, over the past few decades white-collar crime has evolved and become increasingly sophisticated through the use of advanced technology and the advent of cyber fraud. However, alongside the increase...

Capital punishment and punishment in capitals: the problem of white-collar crime in Canada

McMillan LLP Canada has been rocked by a series of corruption scandals that led to the defeat of our last two prime ministers and the creation of a widespread commission of inquiry into the connection between construction...

Anti-money laundering measures in New Zealand

Bell Gully The role of New Zealand in the Panama Papers has generated considerable debate in this country, if not abroad. In some quarters, there is a perception that New Zealand business structures and investments are...

Q&A: Managing and mitigating fraud in Latin America

FW moderates a discussion on managing and mitigating fraud in Latin America between Tiffany Couch at Acuity Forensics, Kathalin Carvalho at Jabil Circuit, Inc., and Robertson Park at Murphy & McGonigle.


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