KPMG showcases 100 of world’s best infrastructure projects

BY Fraser Tennant

One hundred of the world’s most innovative, inspirational and impactful infrastructure projects are showcased in KPMG’s new ‘Infrastructure 100: World Markets Report’.

A result of in-depth discussions with a panel of independent industry experts from across the globe, the report focuses on infrastructure in four key markets: mature International markets, economic powerhouses, smaller established markets, and emerging markets.

Hundreds of global projects were considered by the panel before the final 100 were selected.

Assessments were based on the following criteria: (i) scale – how does the scale of the project relate to similar developments in its class?; (ii) feasibility – is the project plan feasible and sustainable?; (iii) complexity – how challenging or complex is it to get stakeholder support?; (iv) innovation – is there a particular challenge the project overcomes?; and (v) impact on society – does it improve quality of life or promote economic growth?

Some of the global projects featured in the report include: Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station (UK); George Massey Tunnel replacement (Canada); Southern SeaWater Desalination Plant (Australia); the Scandinavian 8 Million City (Norway); Buenos Aires Bus Rapid Transit Corridors (Argentina); New York City Resiliency Plan (US); and Moscow-Kazan High Speed Rail (Russia).

Transformational, with the capacity to change the face of nations and drive economic growth, the value of global infrastructure projects is estimated by KPMG to be in the region of US$1.73 trillion.

Referencing the key trends driving global investment in the infrastructure sector, Richard Threlfall, KPMG’s UK head of infrastructure, building and construction, said “Our latest showcase of projects from around the world highlight the vision, determination and innovation required to drive economic prosperity and social impact through infrastructure development.

“Each country has its own approach to developing and funding infrastructure, yet all share the challenge of creating the right conditions to attract investment. We see infrastructure investment improving lives, creating opportunity, and bringing the world closer together – ultimately creating a better world”.

Report: Infrastructure 100 World Markets Report

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