AI to drive GDP growth – PwC

BY Richard Summerfield

Across a wide spectrum of industries there is burgeoning excitement around the implementation and applications of artificial intelligence (AI). While there will be myriad challenges with properly leveraging AI, a new report from PwC suggests that global GDP could be up to 14 percent higher in 2030 as a result of AI – the equivalent of adding an additional $15.7 trillion to the global economy.

Though AI is, in some respects, a mystery for many organisations, in terms of how it will impact them and alter their business models, it is important for companies to embrace AI where possible. AI can enhance many different areas of organisations’ businesses, according to PwC, which, in turn, will drive economic gains.

Productivity will be boosted by companies automating processes using robots and autonomous vehicles. Companies will also be able to augment their existing labour forces by installing AI technologies, including assisted and augmented intelligence. Consumer demand will also be altered by AI. Personalised and higher-quality AI-enhanced products and services will drive consumer activity.

The report notes that all regions of the global economy will experience benefits from AI, including North America, China, Europe and developed Asia. China will see GDP grow by 26 percent to 2030, and North America will receive a 14.5 percent boost. However, emerging markets will see more modest growth in the coming years, at less than 6 percent of GDP, due to lower AI adoption rates forecast for Latin America and Africa.

According to the report: “The ultimate commercial potential of AI is doing things that have never been done before, rather than simply automating or accelerating existing capabilities. Some of the strategic options that emerge won’t match past experience or gut feelings. As a business leader, you may therefore have to take a leap of faith. The prize is being far more capable, in a far more relevant way, than your business could ever be without the infinite possibilities of AI.”

On a sectoral basis, the industries most likely to benefit from the emergence of AI will be retail, financial services and healthcare, thanks to improvements in productivity, product value and consumption.

Report: PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study: Exploiting the AI Revolution

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