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Media Information

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Financier Worldwide magazine has developed a loyal base of readers worldwide. The magazine presents unique themes and insight into corporate strategy, finance and mergers & acquisitions, ensuring that FW maintains a captive audience with those that shape the corporate market place.

Financier Worldwide readers include:

  • Global Business Leaders and In-house Counsel

Financier Worldwide magazine has become a must-read for senior C-Level executives involved in leading the corporate development, financing and dealmaking strategies within their organizations. These corporate executives and leaders within their legal departments come from some of the most influential corporations worldwide – including Fortune 1000, FTSE 100 and FTSE 250, Nikkei 225, Hang Seng and middle market companies.

  • Banks and Financial Institutions

These readers are senior lenders and brokers involved in funding and arranging finance for M&A transactions and providing financial solutions to global businesses. Individuals involved in providing and arranging Senior and Junior Debt, High Yield Bonds, Mezzanine and Second Lien finance, Asset-based loans and other innovative forms of finance relied upon by today’s most competitive businesses.

  • Lawyers, Financial Advisers and Specialist Consultants

Includes key senior level strategic advisers involved in global dealmaking. A host of experts involved in shaping the global M&A industry - ranging from investment bankers, lawyers, financial advisers, and management and operational consultants - those that are involved in both pre and post-deal structuring and negotiating.

  • Private Equity and Institutional Investors

FW magazine’s readership includes both general partners and limited partners that are active in this attractive asset class. Senior Investment Directors and portfolio managers involved in both the investing and fundraising of private equity and venture capital funds, along with an increasing number of institutional investors and hedge fund managers.

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