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“Financier Worldwide is an exceptional publication, to a widespread and diverse audience. The questions to the panel were thoughtful and direct. They were thought provoking, and inspired a helpful colloquy among lawyers from top tier firms. I received almost immediate feedback from clients, companies I had no idea were even subscribers. GC's from many significant companies are avid readers of this publication. I would strongly recommend this publication not just to other colleagues who are thought leaders in their practice area, but to clients who want to stay apprised of cutting edge issues in law and hear a variety of perspectives.”

— Perrie M. Weiner, Partner in Charge, Los Angeles


“We work together with Financier Worldwide to pinpoint what is relevant to my customer base to ensure that the projects we work on are going to have the best impact possible. I like the continuity of the relationship as it assists me in putting together my overall marketing plan and allows us to reach many of our targeted client base at an extremely reasonable cost, in a very professional publication. I would very much recommend working with Financier Worldwide, as it is a very personalised service that has a far-reaching subscriber base. This is what separates them from other publications I have worked with.”

— Brooke Petersen, Head of Marketing and Customer Success


“Having published extensively over the years with magazines, newspapers, and digital properties, my experience with Risk & Compliance has been among the very best writing engagements of my career. Peter Livingstone and his team not only work collaboratively with authors but they possess unique focus and depth on many of the most vexing risks of our time. The editorial license extended to authors and distinctive digital production quality are unprecedented in my experience. What’s more, their professionalism, subject matter focus, and rigorous editorial calendar is unrivaled in myriad ways, which is likely why they attract leading subject matter experts globally to write for Risk & Compliance.”

Harlan Loeb, Global Practice Chair, Crisis & Reputation Risk Advisory


“Overall, the process of working with Risk & Compliance on submission for the April-Jun 2018 edition was incredibly smooth, collaborative and, given competing interests, efficient. The initial opportunity and ask was clear, process was well-defined and topic was incredibly timely given headline events seen in the U.S. and western Europe. This engagement and opportunity to provide Edelman’s perspective on these issues is always a good exercise for the firm to hone its POV and gain greater appreciation into how reputation risk management fits within the broader risk and compliance landscape. We would happily recommend to client partners and, again, appreciate the consideration.”

— Andrew Liuzzi, Executive Vice President, Crisis & Risk Management


"Working with Financier Worldwide has been an enjoyable and seamless process. They are very proactive and efficient and the quality of the content was high. We did not experience any major issues and appreciate the hard work they put in to ensure we were happy and that the final product was of a high standard."

— Kate Levett, Marketing Executive


“I have been collaborating with Financier Worldwide for several years, mainly on Cyber and D&O topics. The global approach, without losing our country perspective, is unique to Financier and provides our customers and stakeholders valuable insights on how the above risks evolve and change. Rigorous and highly professional publication and staff, Financier Worldwide enables annual updates on an easy way, covering the most relevant risk developments and allowing us enough time to provide response and review, as well as an easy access to publications. I am happy to recommend Financier Worldwide to any party looking for high quality publishing.”

— Claudia B. Gómez, Director


"It has been a pleasure to work with Financier Worldwide. Such offers to contribute to the articles and publications have allowed us to disseminate and promote our expertise across a wide-reaching public. The quality of the proposed topics, the structure in which they are written out (roundtable discussions especially) make it a catchy publication for its readers. Their efficiency, deadlines and turnaround times are outstanding, in hand with the flexibility in which they adapt to our timing and needs. It has been a truly rewarding experience that we hope to repeat soon."

— Natalia Arcila, Senior Manager


"The cooperation with the editorial team of Financier Worldwide was excellent. They were very proactive and service-oriented when approaching us as potential authors. Finding common ground on content and format took no longer than 2 calls and a few mails. We very much liked the format of the publication and it was fun to prepare it. Overall, we greatly enjoyed the professionalism of our contact persons at financierworldwide (quick response time, precise and timely requests and answers, superb editorial polishing). Great benchmark."

Dr Yves Hervé, Managing Director


“It was pleasure working with the Financier team. Sponsorship options were clear and not overly inflated with low return-on-investment elements like some of their competitors. I find it particularly useful to receive a PDF copy of the special report for use at our discretion – it adds a longer shelf life to any opportunity.”

— Kate Rallis, Principal, Marketing



“It has been a pleasure to work with Financier Worldwide and to participate as a panellist on the Shareholder Activism and Engagement article. Peter Livingstone was professional and helpful throughout the entire process, and was always available to answer any questions. We are very pleased with the final version of the article and are confident that it will help to increase our profile as a firm as well as generate new business inquiries. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Financier Worldwide.”

— Charlie Koons, Managing Director, Activism & Contested Situations Advisory Group


“I have been working with Corporate Disputes for the past year with great satisfaction. Between their experience, expertise and their responsiveness, Corporate Disputes has been an asset to our branding campaign and increasing our international reach. Looking forward to continuing this partnership.”

— Lissa Rubman, Media Manager



"Financier Worldwide and its sister publications, Corporate Disputes and Risk and Compliance, produce thought-provoking, varied and relevant content and are an excellent platform for those wanting to establish themselves as thought-leaders within their fields. The Editors take the time to understand your goals and aspirations and provide tailored opportunities for you to showcase your expertise through a variety of editorial formats. We have worked with Financier Worldwide for a number of years and have always been thoroughly impressed with the dedication of the team to produce thought-provoking, varied and relevant content for its expanding audience. Contributing to Financier Worldwide and its sister publications has been highly rewarding for IT Group and has enabled us to build lasting relationships with the firms we have collaborated with on content in the past."

— Emily Forrest, Marketing Manager



“Skadden has enjoyed a long productive relationship with Financier Worldwide. The production staff is professional, courteous and understands the environment and industry in which we work very well. The magazine provides an excellent forum for sharing ideas, explaining new trends and showcasing our accomplishments for the people we work with, and would like to work with, every day.”

— Van C. Durrer II, Partner


"In terms of going through the coordination and preparation process to complete the article, I appreciated the approach of you and your team which kept this well organized. I am quite pleased to be on a panel with such a top group of professionals as well. I also have no doubt we will get very good mileage and value out of the article, which provides very good breadth and depth on the topics – and which I expect will have appeal to a broad audience."

Chris LeWand, Senior Managing Director


“I would heartily recommend working with Financier Worldwide magazine after having worked with their team repeatedly over the last few years. They have keen insights into the issues facing industry and have used them to make great suggestions for targeted articles. The team collaborates actively with its authors to produce a higher quality of work than many competing journals. What more could you ask for in support of your personal business development goals?”

— Philip White, Partner


“Working with Financier Worldwide's  staff was a very satisfying experience. They were extremely responsive and demonstrated a sophisticated  understanding of  practice in the restructuring space. The end product provided a helpful international roadmap to practice professionals. In addition to that roadmap and as guideposts along the way, Financier Worldwide offers its view of global economics situations which provides valuable insights into restructuring trends. More particularly, however, Financier Worldwide, while focusing on global economics, also calls attention to specific matters currently pending in particular locales. That information is particularly helpful to know and provides a granular texture to the broader, global conclusions. Well done."

—  John J. Jerome, Partner


“I have worked with Financier Worldwide on a couple of different projects. Their team is professional, and sets very clear expectations and timelines, with appropriate lead times. It clearly is a publication with strong breadth and distribution, and is a strong element of my business development activities.  Having the ability to provide quality materials and links across social media platforms is a great benefit. Clients and potential clients enjoy seeing them. I would certainly recommend Financier Worldwide to others. They are easy to work with and have nice credibility in their space.”

—  Tom Williamson, Principal


“We’ve been sponsors of Corporate Disputes Magazine for its inaugural two years, following some occasional interactions with Financier Worldwide. The working relationship we have with CDM is a significant reason for our continued interest. Unlike other publication outlets, we’ve found that the editors of CDM approach us in the same way we approach our clients. They are organized, efficient, and sensitive to our commercial needs and aspirations. More importantly, they understand our business, so that our interactions are tailored to the approach and timing we need to accommodate our regular activities. It also means that the topical suggestions made by CDM editors are relevant and interesting to us and our potential clients. That these characteristics are provided by professional, personable editors makes the relationship that much easier to maintain.”

— Peter J. Rankin, Vice President


"I want to personally thank Financier Worldwide for working with Haynes and Boone LLP on the mini-roundtable interview about the new Patent Office inter partes review proceedings made available under the recent America Invents Act legislation. This is an important topic, and we appreciate the thoroughness of the questions posed to us and their relevance to multinational corporations. It has been a pleasure to work with the team. We look forward to keeping in contact with you."

— David McCombs, Technology Practice Chair


"We found working with Financier Worldwide an extremely pleasant and hassle-free experience. The scope of the project was communicated in a clear and concise manner, the deadlines were reasonable and we felt that we had ample opportunity to review and revise our submission before publication. We hope that our contribution will aid us in expanding our global business network, and we would certainly look forward to working with you again."

— Meredith Craven, Associate


"I wrote a Q&A piece for Financier Worldwide on the new California Fair Pay Act at the publication’s request. The experience working with the publisher was effective and well-organised from the initial call. The questions formulated by the editor reflect a solid understanding of the topic and provided me with direction as to what the reading audience would want to know. There was ample time and explanation at each stage to complete the article efficiently and let me know what I could expect from the publisher. My goal was to reach a broad, global audience with thoughtful commentary on a current topic key to business organisations. Financier Worldwide promptly published the article and facilitated my firm’s ability to link it through social networking and our own communications channels. I would rank this as one of the best, quality business publishing endeavours that I have had."

— Rebecca Torrey, Partner



"Contributing to Financier over the past few years has been a very positive experience for me. Financier gives experts the opportunity, time, and flexibility to write content that will be valuable to readers; they work hard to avoid constraints that might get in the way of content. I have enjoyed building a good working relationship with one editor over the course of several publications, and that consistency is not to be taken for granted in the publishing industry. From the author perspective, one of the pleasures of working with Financier is that I have never experienced a “hard sell,” unlike with other publications. They are receptive when there is good content to write and not pushy when it is time to take a pause. I have enjoyed writing for Financier, would do so again, and I gladly recommend it to others."

— Emilian Papadopoulos, Chief of Staff


"Both our Marketing Manager and I found it very easy to work with Financier Worldwide. The contractual process was very straightforward and went extremely well compared to some of the other organizations we have worked with in the past. Our firm is very selective as to articles and webinars we participate. Our business development plans include select print and electronic marketing in order to maximize exposure to a specific reader and user of valuation resources around the world. We receive many offers to participate in such publications and Financier Worldwide was deemed a good fit due to the size of subscription/reader base, composition of the subscription/reader base and the high quality of the overall publication. The article writing process itself, from start to finish, was well organized. The turnaround time throughout the process – whether after submission of initial questions for the roundtable or after submission of individual responses – seemed immediate. In addition, the editing process was not overly cumbersome given the variety of writing styles of the roundtable participants and the responses seemed to ‘fit’ well. We found that our initial experience with Financier Worldwide went so well that we agreed to another roundtable article a few months later."

— Nancy M. Czaplinski, Senior Managing Director/Senior Vice President


“Reputation Institute is a regular contributor of thought leadership content on a host of topics around the world, but we have found Financier Worldwide in the premier league of media partners who understand the business needs of authors and readers. Michael Guest and his colleagues are a delight to work with – and we look forward to future editorial collaboration to help build awareness for our firm while educating practitioners about reputation management.”

— John Patterson, Senior Advisor


“It has been a pleasure working with Financier Worldwide. The publication offers clear briefs, constant feedback, direct communication, and information, which both benefits us as PRs and our clients. Working with the publication has been a positive experience and one that we hope to have more frequently in the future."

— Rose Schreiber, Consultant


"The team at FW made it incredibly easy to work with for the writing and editing process. We were quite pleased with the level of organization and professionalism, not to mention the seamless process. We were impressed with the manner of efficiency in which the team operated. From a marketing standpoint, the piece we worked on with FW will be incredibly useful for us for quite some time, as it is a great way to build our brand and communicate the credibility of our professionals. From a search marketing standpoint, we were delighted to see an uptick in web activity on our website following the article’s distribution."

— Rose Newport, Director of Marketing


“FW is the publication I rely on to stay on top of international business trends and developments. Its insightful and well-written articles alert readers to the issues that can spell the difference between business success and failure in an increasingly turbulent and complex world economy. As a commercial litigator based in the US, I need to stay informed on such issues as ‘say-on-pay’ and international white-collar crime prosecutions. FW is the best forum for discussions of these and other key legal topics. It’s a ‘must read’ for anyone doing business over the seas.”

— Charles W Pautsch, Partner


“Financier Worldwide has been a wonderful partner in educating companies regarding best practices for mitigating the risks associated with information security. We have looked at multiple means to raise the awareness of information security at the C-level and with those that support them. It is precisely these individuals who make up the readership of Financier Worldwide. Likewise, we desire a seamless editorial process that permits us to share our expertise without unnecessary effort or process. Financier Worldwide offers professional and exemplary contacts who are personable and pleasant. Their attention to detail and desire to support the distribution of quality information with the proper level of support makes it an easy choice to work with Financier Worldwide as a preferred means of educating those we advise and those we hope will some day seek us out to assist with information security and data management projects. We look forward to working with Financier Worldwide on future projects and reading the excellent articles generated from the same quality work done with others.”

— Ronald I. Raether, Partner


"I have written some articles for Financier Worldwide and found the team to be helpful, professional and knowledgeable. The magazine provides excellent guidelines for the article, which are right up to date and put a new dimension on the subject. The topics can be controversial, legally speaking, thought-provoking, and give new slants and approaches to the subject in question. So, writing these articles can be fun. Financier Worldwide also, helpfully, give long deadlines to accommodate a working lawyer’s busy schedule. I have written articles for other finance and legal publications on white collar/corporate crime and related subjects, but Financier Worldwide has a wider, more mixed reader base which has enabled the practice to reach parts of the finance sector which has eluded us so far. I would highly recommend working with them, and look forward to doing so again."

— Siobhain Egan, Director


"Advent IM has been working with Financier Worldwide and Risk & Compliance Magazines for a number of months and it continues to be a positive experience. From an editorial perspective, the process is flawless; complete clarity on topics, formats and content requirements with an equally smooth and professionally managed operational function. The team are friendly and the whole experience has been one of co operation and collaboration. It has been great to see the attitude of Security and Risk as Business topics in the magazines and functions and not discrete activities that fits so well with our own approach to Security and Risk Management. Getting these issues properly represented at boardroom level is crucial if we are to realise organisational dreams of growth in a secure manner with a secure supply chain. The magazines both demonstrate a clear understanding of this."

— Ellie Hurst, Marketing, Media & Communications Manager


"Thus far, working with Risk & Compliance e-magazine has been a wonderful experience and has helped my marketing significantly.  My clients and potential contacts are always impressed at both the level of detail and complexity of my articles as well as each article in the publication.  Month in, month out, it is an excellent and impressive publication.  What separates you from other publications is that it contains many more excellent and detailed articles, which perhaps is possible because it is quarterly so it gives the authors time to thoroughly research and articulately write about their topics."

— Manish Antani, Attorney


“Being a regular reader of both Financier Worldwide Magazine and Risk & Compliance Magazine I have found both publications to contain helpful and incisive commentary on issues pertinent to my role as Head of Compliance for a major international banking institution based in the Middle East. Although I subscribe to numerous publications and websites, due to the exigencies of my role I only have time to read articles and publications that are concise without containing verbiage. This is important as I often need to condense articles for dissemination to my office and my time would be wasted by having to trawl through extensive content to achieve this objective. I would have no hesitation in recommending both magazines to clients and colleagues.”

— Alan David Barron, Head of Compliance & MLRO


“I found Financier Worldwide’s Corporate Fraud Roundtable to be a very useful source of information and exchange between experienced colleagues on compliance risks, best practices and legal developments. Practitioners from corporations in particular will certainly benefit from this interesting read.”

— Dr. Klaus Moosmayer, Chief Counsel Compliance


“The articles I’ve read to date have been informative, relevant and concisely address the pertinent issues in the industry. What I’ve been particularly impressed with is the regulatory coverage in term of quickly providing a useful overview of a particular change, the impact expected and helpful advice on what organisations need to be doing to manage this. Recent articles on Dodd-Frank/EMIR and managing TPA risks have been particularly useful and informative.”
— Allan Maclean, Senior Risk and Compliance Advisory Consultant


“I use Financier Worldwide to prepare summaries to share with the wider community globally in Shell. I am currently undertaking reviews on risk related articles. Some of the Risk & Compliance articles in particular are useful in the context of helping Shell to better manage risk.”

— Poh Choo Choong, Downstream GRA Advisor


“Collaborating with Financier Worldwide on this Roundtable has been a very uncomplicated, interesting and for me enriching experience. It gave me the opportunity to think out of the box (of pharmaceutical patent litigation), and to interact and exchange views with peers from different industries, private practice and various jurisdictions. It also allowed me to try out a different format of such an exchange.”

— Juergen Dressel, Head Global Patent Litigation Strategy


“I found interaction with Risk & Compliance very professional. Logistics in contributing to the article were easy. The final piece was visually well put-together, and I will gladly recommend the publication to business associates and potential clients.”

— Richard Chow, Security & Privacy Researcher


“Last year I became acquainted with Financier Worldwide Magazine and Risk & Compliance Magazine via my LinkedIn network. Since then, both magazines have provided me with professional information directly related to my points of interest from an international point of view. This broadens my horizons and improves my ability and competences to communicate with global partners and to cooperate in international projects. The professional and interesting articles help me to stay updated.”

— Monika Hirschmugl-Fuchs, Consultant


“Financier Worldwide provides one of the best and most accurate professional forums that addresses a complete risk picture executives need to understand for measuring the likelihood and impact of exposure to their companies. The potential volatility of political, economic, informational, human, environmental and accidental conditions creates conditions that localized events are closely connected to worldwide and long-term impacts. The areas of compliance and risk management can be compartmentalized with limited views, understanding and delivery of requirements and vulnerabilities. Financier Worldwide delivers the needed insight for a more complete level of insight its readers and stakeholders require to make the right decisions and to solve complex problems.”

— Edward M. Levy, Former Vice President & Global Head of Security


R&C Magazine provides a high level approach about risk management. Reading it really brings fantastic insights and elevates the topic to a strategic discussion. The content of this magazine is not just for risk and compliance professionals but embraces board member needs. For example, the article on “Success, the biggest risk of all” was amazing in terms of how the perspective of risk becomes not only a matter of mapping and mitigating requirements but a real flash on awareness and strategy.

— Pyter Stradioto, Chief Compliance Officer


Risk & Compliance Magazine helps us reach an international business audience that must start to consider the impacts of climate change as a business risk. We think Risk & Compliance is a valuable channel for reaching these key business leaders.

— Laura Rehrmann, Director of Communications


“Working with the Corporate Disputes Magazine team has been a pleasure. Given the necessary flexibility to deal with a variety of topics important to our Centre and valuable to the readership, I have always enjoyed an ease of communication with all involved and have appreciated that each of our dealings have been undertaken within time frames which have been well managed and very transparent. In all cases our articles have been well set out, appearing in issues of the magazine composed of interesting and relevant content which has helped us reach important potential users. Overall we have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Corporate Disputes Magazine which we hope will grow and develop in the future.”

— Ruth Stackpool-Moore, Managing Counsel


"Having written several articles for Corporate Disputes magazine, I can attest that the staff are highly professional, punctual, reliable, and helpful. The magazine itself contains pertinent and useful information in an easy to find and read format. The content is current and germane to the needs of corporate, business, and legal professionals. The team at Corporate Disputes could be an excellent external information and communication agent to assure appropriate and accurate data and interaction within multinational or domestic corporations. Information workers require knowledge and insight to better be autonomous yet collaborative, and learning new skill sets can contribute to productivity and cooperation. What separates Corporate Disputes from others is a sense of personalization and need fulfillment that accompanies every issue over time zones and over the various topics covered within its pages. It is truly international, focused on business, the workplace, and those who make the workplace work. I am pleased to be associated with this publication and contribute my small part to their success and their readers’ success."

— Tony Belak, Ombuds


“It has been a very rewarding experience to work with Financier Worldwide. It is a comprehensive and specialized publication on issues that are of broad interest and deep reflection, not only for professionals in the area of compliance and risks, but also to various experts in financial areas. In my experience, I think they are particularly distinctive in terms of the commitment and interest of the team to investigate and introduce new issues at the international level, and the transparency with which they operate in their way of working, clearly establishing deadlines. I definitely recommend reading Financier Worldwide as a valuable source of information that can be considered a reference for the financial industry."
— Luz María Pineda Lucy, Compliance & Risk Director


“An associate recently asked me which regulatory compliance periodical his firm should subscribe to and I responded “Check out Risk & Compliance Magazine” – especially if you want to arm both executives and GRC practitioners, alike, with strong high level content that is thought-provoking and challenging of your firm’s own strategies as well as fun to read as a serious business resource. I called his attention to the October-December 2013 issue. Our mutual interests in risk were captured and rewarded. Now that’s the kind of enterprise program guidance that I’m looking for when reading time is so very precious.”

— Phil Wilson, Founder


"We appreciate the professionalism of the editorial team at Risk & Compliance Magazine. The magazine provides an effective way to communicate our knowledge and expertise with targeted professionals who can benefit, not only from the information we present through the editorial content, but also from the services we offer as an organization."

— Greg Young, Director, Public Relations


“Our firm has been involved with Financier Worldwide for several years and have had an excellent experience. The publishers and professional staff that we have interacted with have always been responsive and highly professional. The Magazine is polished and covers business issues relevant to our practice. We are pleased to have been associated with Financier Worldwide and look forward to working with their team in the future.”

— Ian Ratner, Principal


“As a leading international business advisory firm serving wide ranging clients from middle market through global industry leaders, BBK’s access to timely and topical information is paramount to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Financier Worldwide presents such information that encompasses up‐to‐date issue analysis necessary for its reader base to evolve ‘real time’ to freshen its knowledge base and keep service offerings to clients current. In all industries, business knowledge equates to ‘advantage’. Financier Worldwide, and Corporate Disputes Magazines, resources in our firm’s arsenal, enhance that knowledge opportunity through current analysis of national and international business issues, and resolution alternatives, respectively.”

— W. G. Diehl, President & CEO


“We are very satisfied with the collaborative relationship we have established with Financier Worldwide. They have been always very attentive to our budget and reasonable in the deadlines imposed on us. In addition, our marketing department has informed us that the business projection provided by our participation in Financier Worldwide has helped us to strengthen our position, mainly in the US market. The specialization of Financier Worldwide has allowed us to treat some topics with a more profound insight that has allowed us to really share our experience and knowledge in the dispute resolution field. I definitively recommend FW to work with, as I’m sure others will have a good experience. The more oriented business approach of Financier Worldwide may also be more beneficial than other specialized publications which are either too superficial or very technical in their treatment of the topics they deal with.”

— Marco Tulio Venegas, Partner


"It has been a great pleasure working with the editorial team of Corporate Disputes magazine. Their invaluable help has been key in shaping an excellent publication, which is always focused on cutting edge issues. I recommend without hesitation Corporate Disputes to all my peers."

— Bernardo M. Cremades, Jr., Partner


“Working with the team at Corporate Disputes Magazine and Financier Worldwide has been a most pleasant experience. With a schedule as busy and unpredictable as mine, the patience and versatility of the team and their work programme has made it easy for me to be a part of the publications. The team are remarkably hard working when it comes to marketing the publications and I have received comments on my articles during conferences from the UK and France to Turkey. This is all down to the exceptional work they have done with readership. My name has certainly become associated with the subject through these publications and I thank the team at FW for their continued hard work and for the supportive relationship they established with me as a contributor.”

— Dr Karen Akinci, Partner


"My experience of working with the team at Financier Worldwide was positive.  The team were courteous and quick at turning around revised publication versions. I don’t doubt that inclusion in the publication will certainly have a positive impact in terms of my profile both locally in my market, as well as globally, given the focused readership base. Good value for global coverage in a professional looking publication."

— Darren Reeds, Director – Restructuring & Insolvency


Working with Financier Worldwide has been a pleasure.  The high level of professionalism from the staff, as well as the quality of the publication was very impressive.  It is unusual to find a source with such comprehensive content, and from so many established experts in their fields. I believe that publications such as Financier Worldwide and Risk & Compliance can be extremely valuable information awareness and educational resources.  In this age of evolving technology and regulation, these journals could be indispensible tools to help professionals and organizations deal with this rapidly changing environment.  I hope to be able to maintain my relationship with the publications for a long time to come.

— Walt Manning, President


“Epiq Systems is perennially featured in Financier Worldwide Magazine’s Bankruptcy Yearbook. We have always found the staff at Financier Worldwide Magazine to be very professional, and it is a pleasure working with them each year. We are completely satisfied with the entire process and are impressed, in particular, with Peter Bailey, who has been our primary contact since the very beginning. As a global corporation, we find inclusion in the Bankruptcy Yearbook invaluable. It not only provides a forum for us to reach potential business partners, but we also use it as a resource since the magazine’s lists top tier partners in our market space. The submission process is very easy and the staff is always available to answer all our question. Thank you Financier Worldwide Magazine for putting out such an impressive product year after year.”

— Lorenzo Mendizabal, Managing Director


“Fangda Partners contributes to Financier Worldwide, providing expertise on Hong Kong and China as an exclusive editorial partner. Financier Worldwide has given us the format and coverage we are looking for at a cost reasonable to us. The publication is seen by the right people in the right places. We are presented as an industry expert, a point of contact and someone potential clients can reach out to for their business requirements. The editors’ understanding of law allows us to focus on topics we are looking to cover, presenting us with suitable interview questions. Readers can see that the information is attractive and thorough. The editors take time needed over details and make us look good. 

The work goes smoothly. We look forward to working Financier Worldwide on other projects. The editors are glad to take time to talk through ideas with us.”

— Peter Yuen, Partner


“Having been involved with Financier Worldwide as a contributor to the magazine writing articles on transfer pricing and as a member of the transfer pricing roundtable for over two and half years, my experience of working with them has been fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional in describing what is needed and how we can work together to achieve the desired result. I have been able to use the finished articles in pitches to prospective clients as examples of my skills and gravitas, as a demonstration of my professionalism and, also, as an additional tool in my marketing campaigns. Due to the variety of articles that Financier Worldwide carries, the professionalism they show, and the audience they reach, I believe they are one of the better magazines to write for and will continue to work with them on transfer pricing issues/concerns and developments.”

— Les Secular, Partner


"I would like thank you for giving us an opportunity to work with Financierworldwide.com and enable us to share our legal expertise with your readers. It’s been a wonderful experience and we have very much enjoyed the final product. We strongly believe that our work with Financierworldwide.com will provide us international recognition and prospective clients as well. We’ve already received strong positive feedback from our clients and colleagues regarding the Annual Review: Mergers & Acquisitions 2014. One of the main reasons that we enjoyed working with Financerworldwide.com was that the questions asked to us were clear, professional, organized and right on point. We think that Financierworldwide.com separates itself from the other publications by providing expert opinions and insightful answers to real issues and we believe that the readers of Financierworldwide.com will benefit immensely from the Annual Review: Mergers & Acquisitions 2014. AKINCI LAW OFFICE gladly recommends Financierworldwide.com to all business people."

— Ayhan Kılınç, Attorney at Law


“In a world ever more crowded with media outlets demanding attention from writers, readers and advertisers, the team at Financier Worldwide stands alone, unique I dare say in their ability to address the needs and interests of all three. They achieve this with a small group, which makes the success of each of its members in building lasting relationships both more important, and more difficult to achieve. In my view, developed while writing a good many articles for the magazine and participating in multiple roundtables, the team set out to build a multimedia platform that could address the needs of a variety of professional audiences. They put their heads together, and they did it, quite well, while making it look easy. Hats off to Financier Worldwide.”

— Deborah Hicks Midanek, President

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