Blackrock acquires IT Group in “natural fit”

BY Fraser Tennant

In a deal expected to bring significant benefits to the fields of construction and technology, specialist professional consultancy Blackrock Expert Services Limited is to acquire IT Group, an independent provider of professional services for IT disputes, digital forensics and e-disclosure.  

Both companies have stated their “delight” over joining forces and believe the transaction will allow them to better integrate services in a rapidly growing technology-related expert services market. 

“The shared ethos of quality, integrity and independence meant the two businesses were a natural fit together,” said Giles Derry, chief executive of Blackrock. “The ever-increasing importance of technology in construction and the continued growth of technology, IP and data disputes means this will be an area where access to IT experts is essential.” 

With technology having a more prominent role in construction projects, Blackrock’s acquisition of IT Group is particularly timely, bringing technology expertise in-house and further enhancing Blackrock’s position as a global provider of integrated consultancy services. “There is a scarcity of experienced IT experts in the market place,” added Mr Derry.

Having advised on complex construction projects in 50 countries with a combined value of over £150bn, Blackrock has built a distinguished track record since its founding in 2009. The acquisition of IT Group adds to Blackrock’s portfolio of high-profile contracts.

 “IT Group has been involved in some of the world's largest IT disputes, as well as disputes involving technology in construction projects,” said Tony Sykes, founder and senior partner of IT Group. “We are really excited about the opportunity to advise on Blackrock’s projects as well as continuing to offer technology dispute and forensic services to clients across the group.”   

Experienced in software licensing, IT project management, cyber, data theft and system design and specification disputes, IT Group operates internationally and has worked for insurers and law firms in the UK, US, EMEA and the Far East.

Mr Derry concluded: “The combination of Blackrock and IT Group is entirely consistent with our long-term strategy to provide excellence across a range of expert services.” 

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